Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've been thinking of a gift for our anniversary for a month before I decided to make this for you. Music never fails to touch one's heart. Am I a music lover? The answer is a big NO. I do listen but never put extra effort to memorize, know its song writer or the singer itself. It's just that I want more silence. But anyway, why am I saying all this? The fact that I research and make something out of music for my love one is a big thing for me. After I listening to this song one afternoon I immediately told myself to dedicate it to a man I truly love on our special day. I made this photo video because I was stolen by the song as you have stolen my heart.

by: Dashboard Confessional

We watch the season pull up its own stage
And catch the last weekend of the last week
Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced
Another sun soaked season fades away

You have stolen my heart
You have stolen my heart

Invitation only grant farewells
Crash the best one of the best ones
Clear liquor and cloudy eyed
Too early to say goodnight

You have stolen my heart
You have stolen my heart

And from the ballroom floor, we are in celebration
One good stretch before our hibernation
Our dreams assured and we all will sleep well
Sleep well, sleep well, sleep well, sleep well

You have stolen, you have stolen
You have stolen my heart

I watch you spin around in your highest heels
You are the best one of the best ones
And we all look like we feel

You have stolen my, you have stolen my
You have stolen my heart

Sunday, June 12, 2011


 X-Men: First Class

The film is set primarily in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and focuses on the relationship between Professor X and Magneto and the origin of their groups, the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants.


James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier / Professor X
Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto
Rose Byrne as Dr. Moira MacTaggert
January Jones as Emma Frost / White Queen
Jennifer Lawrence as Raven / Mystique
Oliver Platt as The Man in Black
Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw
Nicholas Hoult as Dr. Henry "Hank" McCoy / Beast 
Zoë Kravitz as Angel Salvadore 
Caleb Landry Jones as Sean Cassidy / Banshee 
Lucas Till as Alex Summers / Havok 
Edi Gathegi as Armando Muñoz / Darwin 
Jason Flemyng as Azazel
Álex González as Janos Quested / Riptide


DIRECTOR: Matthew Vaughn
COUNTRY: United States and United Kingdom

This movie has no dull moments. I've watch the tv series X-men a long time ago but never saw the movies. Now, I'm dying to watch all the movies.I may say that the movie has the following qualities: Great story line, casting and effects.   


Monday, May 23, 2011


Hello Stranger
Hello Stranger portrays a young Thai man and woman who meet by coincidence while on vacation in South Korea. They decide to tour Korea together while keeping their names secret from each other. The movie was filmed in Korea and includes various locations that have appeared in Korean dramas that were broadcast in Thailand.

Chantavit Dhanasevi        
Nungthida Sophol    
Nuengtida Sopon
Chantawit Thanasewee

Comedy | Romance

Country: Thailand
Language: Thai | Korean
Release Date: 19 August 2010 (Thailand)

Personal Notes:
The movie is not the type of chessy movies out there. It tells more about reality and culture differences which makes it a touchy and funny film. By the way, another strange thing about this movie is that the real names of the characters was untold.

Download and Watch:

Monday, May 16, 2011


Cushe Shirt Design Contest held early this year gives me the opportunity to own a pair of their stylish shoes and fit flops.

at cushe trinoma branch

I've visited their store twice because I can't decide the best pair for me. Honestly,on the back of my mind I was dreaming of having them all. And my pick? Shucoon MJ and Sierra.

Shucoon MJ
Style: Shuccon MJ
Upper Material: Organic cotton/hemp.
Lining: Neoprene.
In-sock: Microfiber.
Midsole: Moulded EVA for added cushioning and support.
Outsole: Moulded rubber with pressed canvas.
Color: Pink/Purple 

Style: Sierra
Upper Material: Full grain leather.
Lining: Leather.
Sock: Microfiber.
Footbed: Moulded EVA for added cushioning and comfort.
Outsole: Moulded rubber with unique floral design.
Color: Black 

Thank you Cushe Philippines! My special thanks to the store keeper for being friendly and approachable.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


7 years to go then I'm out in the calendar
My 24th birthday on my physical being has been memorable because of my love ones’ expression of love. They greeted me “happy Birthday” and wish me good things. I will not anymore mention it one by one because I’m afraid that I will miss some. But truly, the feeling of gratitude is in my hearts. Thank God for all the blessings and another year of existence.  

The following are the list of presents from my love ones:

yeobo's gift from a contest

yeobo's gift from his penny

from my officemates

my new shoes

malen's advance birthday gift

food luck from ms yu

Monday, May 9, 2011



This is the first Taiwanese movie that I saw and I was hooked. At first, I was just amazed on how the main actor plays the piano. But then, I realize that the movie itself hypnotize me to eagerly finish it up. The twist in the end is pretty awesome. Watch it to understand what I mean. 

Ye Xianglun, a music student majoring in piano, transfers to Tamkang (Danjiang) Secondary School. It is a school famous for musically talented students, especially for those who play piano. On the first day of school, as he wanders through the piano building, he hears a mysterious melody being played that leads him to Lu Xiaoyu, another piano major. When he asks her about the song she was playing, she tells him that it is a secret that cannot be told. The two develop a relationship that is clouded in mystery. When Xianglun tells Xiaoyu of the demolition of the piano building on graduation day, she teaches him the song that he heard on the first day of school.
However, when a mis-passed note leads to Xianglun’s accidental kissing of another girl, Xiaoyu disappears for five months, only to return on graduation day and mysteriously disappear again. Xianglun asks around and discovers that Xiaoyu was actually a student from the class of 1979, who graduated 20 years ago. Xiaoyu time traveled to the present via a piece called “Secret” that she played on an old piano in the piano building. She had fallen in love with Xianglun, but the only barrier is that, in the present, the first person she sees on each trip is the only person that can see her.
When Xiaoyu was misled that Xianglun liked another girl, she returned to her time, 1979 for five months. During her absence, her story spread and everyone believed that she was crazy. Remembering that the piano room would be destroyed on graduation day of 1999, she tried time traveling to see Xianglun one last time, but was mislead once again that he liked another girl. Xiaoyu retreats back to her own time and died from an asthma attack, trying to communicate with Xianglun via writing on a desk with white out.
After finally learning of Xiaoyu’s story, Xianglun realizes that the piece that she taught him was “Secret”, which had the power to take the pianist forward or backward in time depending on the tempo at which it is played. He rushes off to the piano room, which is ready to be torn down. As the demolition begins, Xianglun begins “Secret” from memory, recalling something Xiaoyu told him while teaching him the piece: “I always play it that fast when I go back”. The last scene is when the 1979 Tamkang (Danjiang) Secondary School graduation picture is taken, in which Xianglun and Xiaoyu are present.


* 周杰倫 (周杰伦) Jay Chou (Zhou Jielun) as 葉湘倫/叶湘伦 (Ye Xianglun Jay): Music student majoring in piano and lives with his father.
* 桂綸鎂 (桂纶镁) Kwai Lun-mei (Gui Lunmei) as 路小雨 (Lu Xiaoyu Rain): Music student who lives with her mother.
* 黄秋生 (黄秋生) Anthony Wong (Huang Qiusheng or Wong Chau-sang) as 小倫爸爸 (Xianglun’s father): The discipline teacher of Xianglun’s school and his father.
* 曾愷玹 (曾恺玹) Alice Tzeng (Zeng Kaixuan) as 晴依 (Qing Yi Sky): The girl Ye Xianglun met when he joined Dangjian. She always admired Ye Xianglun.
* 宋健彰 Devon Song (Song Jianzhang) as 阿宝/阿寶 (Abao Bob): Not a well-behaved student. Organised a dance party where he performs. Member of a rugby team.
* 黃俊郎 (黄俊郎) Huang Junlang as 阿郎 (Alang Lance): Abao’s good friend, captain of the rugby team.
* 詹宇豪 Zhan Yuhao as 雨豪 (Yu Hao Howe): “Prince of the piano”, a talented piano player, had a “piano battle” with Ye Xianglun.
part 1/11

part 2/11

part 3/11
part 4/11
part 5/11
part 6/11

part 7/11

part 8/11

part 9/11
part 10/11
part 11/11


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last March I'm one of the winners of HBC blog promo, "Why I love my guy?". The prize? five session of HBC diamond peel.
my beauty certificates
At first I was hesitant to try the service because I never experience having treatment for my face before. I was afraid that if I start to undergo the treatment then I will be oblige for its maintenance treatments. Anyway after series of research and blog hunting regarding the diamond peel, my yeobo and I decided to check it out at the HBC Monumento Branch.

My yeobo was first to experience the treatment. I was watching all the way so I memorize how it was done. It takes about an hour to finish it. First, the face was cleaned by a facial cleanser. Facial cream was applied next. His face was left to steam for about 15 minutes.This is done to let the pores be opened according to our attendant. His white heads and black heads was removed next. I don't know the name of the tool. Facial cleanser again then the diamond peel machine. According to my yeobo his face was like rubbed by a stone. Here's the catch, according to the attendant the term diamond peel comes from the shape of the machine itself. To our surprise, she was right. It was really diamond in shape. Lastly, my yeobo's favorite part was when his pores was closed by a machine that emits cold temperature to the face. Then the diamond peel treatment was done and lasted for about an hour.

I was next and did experience same procedure except that it only lasted less than an hour because I did have healthy face skin as the attendant explained. Results? Glowing and radiant skin because the dead skin was removed. We will try it again next month. Thank you HBC.

For other exciting perks and promos, visit their site and their myHBC's facebook fan page. And credits to  and her contest page for the whopping prize.

Monday, April 25, 2011


It's really appetizing when you have a view while eating great food. ARMY NAVY Burger + Burrito Tagaytay make it possible.
Classic Burger and Freedom Fries
My yeobo and I heard so much of ARMY NAVY Burger + Burrito so when we spot their branch in Tagaytay, we did dine ASAP.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eagle Creek Organized Traveler Cube Set

Winning a contest, a luck or a blessing?
My answer is both. As long as you join, you will automatically have a chance of winning. And by the way, I did experience winning.
My prizes: 
Eagle Creek Organized Traveller Cube Set:

  1. Pack-It™ Cube
  2. Pack-It™ Half-Cube
  3. Pack-It™ Quarter-Cube

Done claiming.

The cube set will really help me a lot especially this summer. They will surely become my new adventure partner.

R.O.X rocks!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Krispy Kreme

Chloe of Krispy Kreme question of the day:
"What is your all-time favorite movie?"

My answer:
"I really cried when the king of the jungle died. I know this movie is just a fiction but it teaches us that even animals have feelings too."

The announcement:
Our Tuesday winner is Jaziel Oliveros Kingkong, "I really cried when the king of the jungle died. I know this movie is just a fiction but it teaches us that even animals have feelings too." --> I'm so scared of Kingkong!


while waiting

Pa cute while waiting

got home with one dozen donuts

me and malen (my housemate)
Notnot (presenting the new donut model)
missing one donut (intended for my office mates)
one donut is not enough (I'm a certified KK donut glutton)

Thank you Krispy Kreme !!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Super Bowl of China completed our Friday night date at Trinoma.
Super Bowl of China by George Yang

customer feedback first
My man and I decided to avail their 50% off on DIM SUM COMBINATION PLATTER. So we only paid P130 instead of P230. Pork siomai, hakao, deep fried wanton, vegetarian spring rolls, and bbq pork siopao are all in on the platter. They served it with sweet and sour sauce and red vinegar.

Hakao and vegetarian spring rolls are my favorite. I mixed sauce (soy vinegar with chili sauce) for the pork siomai because of its plain taste. Deep fried wanton was a bit overcooked. Bbq pork siopao is just a common siopao.

We also tried their new MAKI MI(Thick Chinese mushroom soup mixed with pork meatballs, egg, black mushrooms and Hongkong Noodles. They served it with Chinese black vinegar on the side. It’s a bowl of big serving for the price of P185. I was just disturbed with the texture of the soup. It was like swallowing glass egg whites. Pork meatballs and black mushrooms are tasty that it perfectly matches the noodles. Tasting Maki Mi is a new version of noodle soup for my taste buds.

after snack
By the way, we are jealous to other customers who got their kropek while waiting their orders. They gave us one serving of kropek and ate it upon waiting for our bill. Kropek as dessert? Not bad. Thanks to the crew. Customer service is great indeed.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Asya Boracay Premier Suites - Win a Free Boracay Package only from - WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc.

Asya Boracay Premier Suites - Win a Free Boracay Package only from - WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc.

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. is one of the most respected and trusted names in Philippines Travel, arranging short trips and family vacations to any of the 7,107 Philippines Islands. We have been specializing in all-inclusive Philippines packages since 2005 to top destinations like, Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, Puerto Galera, Baguio, Tagaytay, and Manila as-well-as other Philippine island destinations.

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. is the 1st travel agency in the Philippines to offer FREE VACATION PACKAGES  to BORACAY ISLAND, the number #1 Philippines Islands Tourist Destination.

Now everyone has a chance to WIN a FREE all expenses paid vacation to Boracay, and all you have to do to enter the contest is to CREATE a BLOG and paste this info into it, that’s it, it’s just that easy.

Enter our Free Boracay Vacation Package Giveaway at -

3 Days / 2 Nights - Bamboo Boracay Beach Resort

Enjoy this beachfront resort in Boracay located in station 3, set just a few meter from the beautiful Boracay beach, where you will enjoy beautiful Boracay sunsets and music. The Bamboo Boracay Beach Resort specializing in pampering their guest with beautiful rooms, delicious food, and excellent service from their professional staff.

Flights to Boracay - Manila to Kalibo Airport via Philippine Airlines

No true vacation package is complete without having the air-fare included. WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. will be including ROUNDTRIP AIR-FARE from Manila to Kalibo and back to Manila. Once you arrive at the Kalibo airport you will be greeted by SOUTHWEST Travel & Tours, and transported to Boracay Island via a tour bus.

Boracay Island Transfers - Kalibo Airport to Boracay (roundtrip)

SOUTHWEST Travel & Tours is the OFFICIAL transport company of WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. SouthWest Travel & Tours has been in business for over 15 years, and is considered one of the safest carriers in the Philippines.

Daily Breakfast – Buffet Style

The winners to this Free Boracay Package will also have included a daily breakfast, a set breakfast will be served at the Bamboo Boracay Restaurant.

Boracay Activities - Island Hopping Tour

For one full day our winners will enjoy a tour around Boracay Island that includes snorkeling, as-well as visiting surrounding beaches.(does not include entrance fee into Crystal Cove)

Saturday, March 5, 2011



My man and I gone crazy on shoes and bags sale at SM Megamall and we are both hungry after thus, required us a food intake. Tokyo Cafe aids our hunger. The menus are interesting because it’s not the usual Japanese restaurant that serves its traditional cuisine but offering a taste of the Western with a Japanese touch. 
keep it clean and neat...

We ordered Creamy Ebiko Pasta. I love pasta dishes and it's heaven to taste the creamy sauce blended with shrimp flavor. Take note, it's not a common seafood pasta. Try it and you'll know what I mean.
creamy pasta!

My man wanted to eat rice so we did try their Omurice. I was full when this dish was served so I didn't enjoy it much. The flavors are very distinctive as if you are not eating a rice but a viand. 
Omurice, buttery and saucy!
My favorite part of the meal as expected is the dessert. Coffee Jelly Parfait did satisfied our cravings. Love the coffee on the jelly. It's strong and really complements with the sweetness of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The fusion with the fluffy cream add the playfulness in the mouth. 

love that jelly thing!

What a great dinner!

I just want to comment on their service aspect. Issue on waiting is not a big deal but letting the customers wait because they forgot your order is really disappointing. Our dessert was first to served yet we clearly instruct the ordering person to serve it last. I hope they will improve their customer focus and attentiveness.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Memo: It's Rolly's Birthday!


Here's my blog as what I have promised.

I should say that this is my way of greeting you a happy birthday. The truth is I just don't want to compete people that will surely greet you on Facebook, Tweets, text messages or even personal. I want my greetings to be registered and saved by blogspot. haha! Mind you, you are one of closest person that is hard to please. I just think that my effort will not be wasted. Take note, I'm using my working hours just to do this. I remember your story about a son saving money just to pay his father's one day salary and have him on a date. Gosh, I'm guilty that time. I realize how much time I have wasted just to earn and not taking consideration spending time with my love ones. But anyway, since your birthday is special to me, my 9.5 working hours will be yours. Ouch!

What can I say about you? The following are your top three qualities:
(Warning: It's your birthday so you are not allowed to be mad.)
1.You are so insensitive. You can comment if you want. One time I ask you why this way,
Me: Bakit hindi ka nag I-i love you?
You: Dahil alam mo na yun.
Me: A.ok!
So my way now of saying "I love you" was "Alam mo na yun".

2. You are passive. Take two, you can react to this one. Whenever I ask you why you love me your answer will always be, "Dahil mataba ka". I'm just wondering what will be your answer if in time I'm not fat anymore.

3. You are brutal. You are physically abusing my fatness. You know what I mean.

These qualities of yours have given me the opportunity to test how much I love you. Look at me now, I'm madly in love with you. Cheesy! I hate this but I think I have learned to embrace your totality as a person. Your likes and dislikes, your strength and weaknesses, your maturity and immaturity, and your true you.

Hey there's more. I know you have a lot of followers and friends out there that will also read this blog and I'm afraid I need to say something positive about you. No joke all the information are based on my 6 years observation.
1. God Fearing. You are very firm in obeying what we have learned from the doctrines.
2. Responsible. You are the kind of person that will work hard and save at the same time for the future. You don't have vises except for foods and contests.

yum yum
You Won!
3. Loving. Your love is not exclusive just for me but you are extending it to my family.

My Man
In short, you're the man!You're the man of my dreams.
Thank you and I love you!

Liezl Buenaventura's Blog
HBC Fan Page

Note:It is my official entry to Liezl Buenaventura's Blog contest.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Califorinia Pizza Kitchen Winners from HitABargain!

The following are winners of California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) gift certificates worth P500 each (plus free Loyalty Card membership which would give them tremendous savings every time they dine using the card).

1. Rosanna Concepcion

2. Rolly P. Nunez

3. Ma. Lourdes D. Espanol

5. Divine Grace Bongolan

6. Emiliana Sison

7. Jennifer Cardeno

8. Jaziel Oliveros (I myself is a winner.Yahooooooo!)

9. Katherine Sicat

10. Maria Avelo Navarro

They also inform the participants who actually did more shares than others, but forgot to post comment on the site, on why they love CPK (which is an important requirement of the contest to qualify), that their entries were not considered eligible.

Note: They will notified via email. Congratulations to us again and happy eating at CPK!
(edited post from the site)