Thursday, February 10, 2011

Memo: It's Rolly's Birthday!


Here's my blog as what I have promised.

I should say that this is my way of greeting you a happy birthday. The truth is I just don't want to compete people that will surely greet you on Facebook, Tweets, text messages or even personal. I want my greetings to be registered and saved by blogspot. haha! Mind you, you are one of closest person that is hard to please. I just think that my effort will not be wasted. Take note, I'm using my working hours just to do this. I remember your story about a son saving money just to pay his father's one day salary and have him on a date. Gosh, I'm guilty that time. I realize how much time I have wasted just to earn and not taking consideration spending time with my love ones. But anyway, since your birthday is special to me, my 9.5 working hours will be yours. Ouch!

What can I say about you? The following are your top three qualities:
(Warning: It's your birthday so you are not allowed to be mad.)
1.You are so insensitive. You can comment if you want. One time I ask you why this way,
Me: Bakit hindi ka nag I-i love you?
You: Dahil alam mo na yun.
Me: A.ok!
So my way now of saying "I love you" was "Alam mo na yun".

2. You are passive. Take two, you can react to this one. Whenever I ask you why you love me your answer will always be, "Dahil mataba ka". I'm just wondering what will be your answer if in time I'm not fat anymore.

3. You are brutal. You are physically abusing my fatness. You know what I mean.

These qualities of yours have given me the opportunity to test how much I love you. Look at me now, I'm madly in love with you. Cheesy! I hate this but I think I have learned to embrace your totality as a person. Your likes and dislikes, your strength and weaknesses, your maturity and immaturity, and your true you.

Hey there's more. I know you have a lot of followers and friends out there that will also read this blog and I'm afraid I need to say something positive about you. No joke all the information are based on my 6 years observation.
1. God Fearing. You are very firm in obeying what we have learned from the doctrines.
2. Responsible. You are the kind of person that will work hard and save at the same time for the future. You don't have vises except for foods and contests.

yum yum
You Won!
3. Loving. Your love is not exclusive just for me but you are extending it to my family.

My Man
In short, you're the man!You're the man of my dreams.
Thank you and I love you!

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