Thursday, April 28, 2011


Last March I'm one of the winners of HBC blog promo, "Why I love my guy?". The prize? five session of HBC diamond peel.
my beauty certificates
At first I was hesitant to try the service because I never experience having treatment for my face before. I was afraid that if I start to undergo the treatment then I will be oblige for its maintenance treatments. Anyway after series of research and blog hunting regarding the diamond peel, my yeobo and I decided to check it out at the HBC Monumento Branch.

My yeobo was first to experience the treatment. I was watching all the way so I memorize how it was done. It takes about an hour to finish it. First, the face was cleaned by a facial cleanser. Facial cream was applied next. His face was left to steam for about 15 minutes.This is done to let the pores be opened according to our attendant. His white heads and black heads was removed next. I don't know the name of the tool. Facial cleanser again then the diamond peel machine. According to my yeobo his face was like rubbed by a stone. Here's the catch, according to the attendant the term diamond peel comes from the shape of the machine itself. To our surprise, she was right. It was really diamond in shape. Lastly, my yeobo's favorite part was when his pores was closed by a machine that emits cold temperature to the face. Then the diamond peel treatment was done and lasted for about an hour.

I was next and did experience same procedure except that it only lasted less than an hour because I did have healthy face skin as the attendant explained. Results? Glowing and radiant skin because the dead skin was removed. We will try it again next month. Thank you HBC.

For other exciting perks and promos, visit their site and their myHBC's facebook fan page. And credits to  and her contest page for the whopping prize.

Monday, April 25, 2011


It's really appetizing when you have a view while eating great food. ARMY NAVY Burger + Burrito Tagaytay make it possible.
Classic Burger and Freedom Fries
My yeobo and I heard so much of ARMY NAVY Burger + Burrito so when we spot their branch in Tagaytay, we did dine ASAP.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eagle Creek Organized Traveler Cube Set

Winning a contest, a luck or a blessing?
My answer is both. As long as you join, you will automatically have a chance of winning. And by the way, I did experience winning.
My prizes: 
Eagle Creek Organized Traveller Cube Set:

  1. Pack-It™ Cube
  2. Pack-It™ Half-Cube
  3. Pack-It™ Quarter-Cube

Done claiming.

The cube set will really help me a lot especially this summer. They will surely become my new adventure partner.

R.O.X rocks!