Monday, June 8, 2015

A Lovely Couple and A Wedding

Awesome day to be remembered, Our Wedding Day! Rolly and I talks a lot about getting married because as you know we've been engage for quite a while. "November" is a special month because we exchange love way back then in this time of the year. Gladly on the same month was our Church Wedding Day. We had a week to prepare and to tell our love ones that YES Bro. Ato Tobias approved us to be part of the Mass Wedding. Bro. Daniel and Bro Eli delivered a topic on building stability between husband and wife. Thanks be to God for a sunny afternoon of November 16, 2014. It marked the start of our union with God's will and grace.

his wardrobe


US in our Wedding Attire

Mr. and Mrs. Nuñez in the house!

the happy newlywed
By the way, our reception was held after one month and 3 days at a rooftop. I'll be blogging it NEXT.