Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've been thinking of a gift for our anniversary for a month before I decided to make this for you. Music never fails to touch one's heart. Am I a music lover? The answer is a big NO. I do listen but never put extra effort to memorize, know its song writer or the singer itself. It's just that I want more silence. But anyway, why am I saying all this? The fact that I research and make something out of music for my love one is a big thing for me. After I listening to this song one afternoon I immediately told myself to dedicate it to a man I truly love on our special day. I made this photo video because I was stolen by the song as you have stolen my heart.

by: Dashboard Confessional

We watch the season pull up its own stage
And catch the last weekend of the last week
Before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced
Another sun soaked season fades away

You have stolen my heart
You have stolen my heart

Invitation only grant farewells
Crash the best one of the best ones
Clear liquor and cloudy eyed
Too early to say goodnight

You have stolen my heart
You have stolen my heart

And from the ballroom floor, we are in celebration
One good stretch before our hibernation
Our dreams assured and we all will sleep well
Sleep well, sleep well, sleep well, sleep well

You have stolen, you have stolen
You have stolen my heart

I watch you spin around in your highest heels
You are the best one of the best ones
And we all look like we feel

You have stolen my, you have stolen my
You have stolen my heart