Saturday, March 5, 2011



My man and I gone crazy on shoes and bags sale at SM Megamall and we are both hungry after thus, required us a food intake. Tokyo Cafe aids our hunger. The menus are interesting because it’s not the usual Japanese restaurant that serves its traditional cuisine but offering a taste of the Western with a Japanese touch. 
keep it clean and neat...

We ordered Creamy Ebiko Pasta. I love pasta dishes and it's heaven to taste the creamy sauce blended with shrimp flavor. Take note, it's not a common seafood pasta. Try it and you'll know what I mean.
creamy pasta!

My man wanted to eat rice so we did try their Omurice. I was full when this dish was served so I didn't enjoy it much. The flavors are very distinctive as if you are not eating a rice but a viand. 
Omurice, buttery and saucy!
My favorite part of the meal as expected is the dessert. Coffee Jelly Parfait did satisfied our cravings. Love the coffee on the jelly. It's strong and really complements with the sweetness of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The fusion with the fluffy cream add the playfulness in the mouth. 

love that jelly thing!

What a great dinner!

I just want to comment on their service aspect. Issue on waiting is not a big deal but letting the customers wait because they forgot your order is really disappointing. Our dessert was first to served yet we clearly instruct the ordering person to serve it last. I hope they will improve their customer focus and attentiveness.

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