Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy 9th

It has been a long time since I wrote a blog. I've been thinking of a special gift for my “tatatat” and this is the cheapest I think. I know you like to own a car, to own a power bank for your iPhone or maybe to have a new backpack. I’m sorry my dear but I can’t afford to buy all those stuff on these days but we’ll see in the next future. It’s the thought that counts, right? Hope you’ll like my simple writing below inspired by the love you share with me whole year round. Happy 9th!
A Love Affair on a Stormy Day 

When the heavy storm has come our way,
I thank God you are there to stay,
Until the sun smile the next day,
I hope we will remain this way.

This year for me is so weary,
Painful and full of misery,
Remember our eyes get teary?
On the day my dad passed away
And the same night of your birthday?

I've been in the hospital lately,
Mild stroke attacks my dear mommy.
You’re there helping willingly,
And for that I thank you so badly.

I feel so blessed and lucky,
That it’s our 9th anniversary,
That I’m feeling your heat clearly,
Oh how you love me so kindly.

God’s willing I’ll be your wifey,
As you will be my dear hubby.
We will become a family,
It will come fast perfectly 
together let’s wait patiently.

My heart wants to tell you nicely,

you Mr. Rolly
This I wrote for you only,
I am Ms Jaziel, 

yours truly.

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