Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Awards Night

Thursday, December 23, 2010

“Feelings reach its peak point when you less expects.”

Our Western Style Christmas party was memorable to me. Before the party, we went to UK in Cubao to buy an outfit that is suited to the theme. We bought my cow girl brown skirt and a vest for only P400. I borrowed a pair of shoes and white long sleeves to complete my wardrobe. Thanks to my co-employee Anne. Rick, our company boy also helped me in finding a nice cow girl hat and handkerchief. Presenting yours truly Ms. Amber Winona (my code name).

cow girl look!

The party started at exactly 4:00pm. We enjoyed the games, Bebot (beauty contest for tough guy in their ladylike side), raffle, picture taking, eating, exchange gifts and the most important part of the program the awarding for the best of the best employees. My name was called as the Model Employee of the year. I wasn’t expecting that they will consider me for this award but thanks to the company and to the people who voted me. As if i won the best actress award in MMFF. My can hear my heartbeat as my name was called. I went up the stage and fight my shyness as I walked in a runway. Funny but I really did. I felt great when our company owner, Mr. Ronald Dee shake his hand and smile at me. My superior, Angel San Diego was very proud of me.

My 1st Award as a career woman.

Wait there's more. I won the best dressed for the artist category. I can't imagine winning against our fashionistas artist/ designers. UK really makes things happen.

2010 Best Dressed

I was also surprised with my monita. 3 weeks of receiving gifts from unknown person is really exciting. I loved all she has given. Something long and hard from Blue Magic, something colourful mini bag and something soft pillow were all items worth remembering. Ms. Jane from undergarment was the person behind. I was also clueless to my monita until it was revealed on the party. She is Ms. Jean of accounting. I think my gifts we're appreciated.

Here is the list of all the resources taken from our Christmas party:

*Certificate of Recognition and cash prize for the Model Employee of the year
*Cash prize for the best dressed of the night
*Glass Ware Collection from the raffle
*Gift from my monita (Ms Jane)

“Awards are not something to be boast, it's a self fulfillment.”

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