Saturday, September 26, 2015


Dear ladies,

Having the opportunity to share this informative health care makes me feel my worth as a responsible contributor for my fellow citizen especially for women out there.

I opt to promote any brands or products that I’m not sure of. Not until I personally had the experience of its benefit. I strongly recommend adding Betadine® Feminine Wash on your personal kit and make it a hygiene routine at least twice a week or everyday during red days. 

Here’s my personal experience how this product was introduced to me:

Four years ago I was sent to Emergency room because of Urinary tract infection. Remembering the pain, discomfort and irritation make me want to have amnesia and totally forget the experience. But blessing in disguise, from that day on I became extra caring with my hygiene down there. Thanks to my doctor who teaches me how to prevent infections:  Not wearing tight undies, staying dry all day by using tissue after urinating and be able to change panty liner 2 to 3 times a day, lastly, the proper way of washing our delicate organ with Betadine® Feminine Wash (Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash). By the way, since  Betadine® Feminine Wash is recommended only twice a week except on red days, we should also have a natural feminine wash. After a week of taking antibiotics, drinking a lot of fluids and usage of  Betadine® Feminine Wash, I was cleared of Urinary Tract Infection.  

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From that day on, cleanliness became my alter-ego in total prevention of infections.  I feel better now and confident leading me to feeling sexier because I know that Betadine® Feminine Wash can keep me clean and fresh all day. I may not have that 36-24-36 body but I’m pretty sure that I’m not left behind. All I can say is, Clean is the new sexy! Thanks to this wondrous product. As newly married woman, I just feel at peace that I can bare a healthy baby without the fear of having again my mortal enemy, Urinary Tract Infection.

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